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About us

Ezara was built up in 2017, Located in the Diamond City known as SURAT. Ezara gives a full scope of gold diamond studded rings, pieces of jewelry, wrist trinkets, hoops and pendant sets with jewels and different valuable stones, including ruby, sapphire and emerald.



A dream of immortal Beauty

Having the world's most breathtaking Designs available to us gives our maison atelier a remarkable chance to make exceptional Jewelry. Past the impulses of style, our plans are known for their tricky effortlessness, their ideal equalization and extent, and their erotic, human power.



A search for hidden wonder

Ezara gives amazing Gems to Fashionable generation. Our gemologists seek great nature of rubies, emeralds, jewels, sapphires, pearls, garnets, and so on. They fulfill the most astounding guidelines in cut, shading, lucidity and carat weight. All jewels are tried by stringent in-house rules. Nothing gets away from the examination of our specialists at Ezara Jewels. The brand just uses precious stones.



A legacy of craft

At the Ezara's production house, creators, gemmologists and gem setters cooperate in immaculate amicability.

A piece of jewellery is being made at Ezara's biggest High Jewelry workshops. An illustration is made and forms are uncovered gradually. The deliberately examined engineering starts to come to fruition, and gold is then carefully etched, balanced, cleaned and buffed to uncover the majority of its magnificence. This is the snapshot of beauty when the bit of gems springs up.


Gem Setting

The art and artistry of precious stones

Made through the span of a great many years, created by the impacts of unbelievable powers, the Earth has given us only an imperceptibly modest number of valuable stones, as uncommon as they are excellent.

Ezara believes that such precious gems deserve their place in only the finest creations.

In the jewellery and high jewellery company, diamond setters form manifestations with a grand palette of setting procedures to extol the stones and enable them to live respectively in amazing concordance. Specifically, Ezara has turned into a master in working with diamond stones. The subsequent manifestations are really wearing light.